Self Love

shutterstock_171190004 copyHey valentines!

I hope you’re getting through this cold Winter. Anyway enough about the weather I hate it and you probably do too and that’s all I to say about it (#Ilovesummer). On to the good stuff!   It’s close to V-day, Love day, heart day whatever day you want to call it, it’s a great day to show love and receive love! V-day got me thinking why not show self love on Valentine’s Day??  Right?? Makes complete sense to me! We have to love ourselves before we can really be any good for anyone else, thats what i think anyway But, seriously why not start with SELF LOVE this month… it’s good, Right?? Yeah… it is lol…

At Allure we are all about self love and we are starting a year long campaign to remind ourselves as well as our clients to take care of ourselves and love ourselves like a parent would love a child or lover would love a lover or a friend would love a friend …ok… ok… I hear you don’t have time for this self love stuff you have priorities and self love/self care is on the bottom of the list, actually it’s not even on the list and seriously you don’t even have time to read this bloody  blog post, but somehow you got sucked in… I get it, really I do… anyway not having the time for self love and self care is all the more reason why we must be responsible for providing self love and self care to ourselves. So in honor of Valentine’s Day, Allure is launching a Year long Self-love campaign & challenge starting February 14th.   Allure is going to make it so so  easy for you to check a little self-love off your to-do list this month and every month going forward in 2018. Take the challenge with me, it’s easy!  Once a month give yourself a little self love and self care and yes the little things matter and are huge in self love/care. To help kick start  Allure’s self love campaign & challenge look below there are few awesome easy and affordable  ways to start.

Choose from a 5-minute deep conditioning treatment to a 30-minute scalp massage treatment or from a 5-minute paraffin hand treatment to 10-minute paraffin hand treatment and massage.

Oh and we have chocolate scented shampoo, conditioner, hand scrub and lotion!!! What? …Yup and its heavenly. You Deserve this … we got you, now you get you! 15% off our amazing deep conditioning treatments and 10% off hand treatments through march 14th 2018.

Hugs and love xxoo,